The Superior Spike knife is a grade above railroad spike knives you'll find anywhere else. The blacksmiths legacy of reusing steel is continued in this style, where a railroad spike body is used to hold a premium grade high-carbon edge. Forge welded at super high temps, the Superior spike is the culmination of bladesmith artistry and ancient craftsmanship. It's as aesthetically powerful as it is functional in the field. Included in the price is a custom leather sheath.


This concept was born on Mountain Men, season 9 episode 8 (Sink or Swim), where Raleigh Avery designed this knife in a primitive blacksmith shop with antique tools and materials.


10-12 week lead time. Because of the labor intensive nature of this knife, lead times may vary as this project requires so much careful attention.


Please keep in mind each blade and handle are individualized, you will not get an exact copy of what you see here. We make your knife following your order.




Superior Spike Knife - Pre-order

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