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Handmade Knives by Raleigh Avery

Quality Fit for a Legacy 


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About Avery Knifeworks

Every blade from Avery Knifeworks is hand-made by our sole craftsman, Raleigh Avery, in the mountains of North Carolina. Raleigh has a strong work ethic and appreciation for fine tools. Sourcing unique materials of the highest quality and crafting them into functionality with one set of eyes, hands and skills is what allows us to set the bar.

As seen on History Channel's "Mountain Men"


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Jesse L., Conneticut

Raleigh took the time to reach out and discuss what I wanted, within minutes we had agreed on the knife. Super simple to order! Thanks for everything!


Melody V., Florida

Ordering two custom knives  was very easy. The service was handled in a professional manner. You will never find a custom knife at these reasonable prices! I will definitely order again!


Tim B., North Carolina

Hand crafted with care and precision. By far, the best blade I have ever owned. Looking forward to this being handed down for generations.


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